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Who are we?

Wise Woman Alembic

Wise Woman Alembic is a container for healing that draws its power from the individual and combined skills and practices of its practitioners, Erihapeti Elizabeth McPherson (Ngai Tahu, Ngati Mamoe, Kotimana) and Lynda Earl.

We have developed our healing capacities over decades of disciplined work, education, personal development and spiritual initiations. We are strong, soft women – mothers, survivors and believers in the power of the wairua, the spirit within, to guide and shape our lives so we are fully empowered to support others through their challenges.

Erihapeti is a multi-media creatrix of incredible talent. Her background in yoga, massage, Rongoa Maori, herbal medicine, ritual, ceremony, spiritual dedication, art and craft and community engagement has seen her support hundreds of people through the rites of passage of birth, death, connection and crisis with legendary dignity and strength.

At Wise Woman Alembic, Erihapeti brings her gifts of massage therapy, counselling, sacred perfumery, herbal manufacturing, aromatherapy, magical talisman and sacred object creation.

Lynda is a naturopath, herbalist, alchemist, shamanic practitioner and guide. Having worked in the natural health sector for two decades, she is now dedicated to her private practice where she offers holistic counselling, astro-therapy, readings, addiction support, herbal and naturopathic services. Lynda is a highly skilled and experienced flower essence practitioner, working with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® to bring about rapid, powerful and lasting change for her clients.

Together Erihapeti and Lynda offer an authentic wise woman experience. Wise Woman Alembic revives the ancient, intrinsic and powerful presence of the feminine as guide, support and healer in the community – available to all who seek wise counsel, healing or refuge.

Erihapeti and Lynda are best of friends, who live authentically, courageously and with great optimism and love. Their home is shared by partners, children and animals. They volunteer in the community and hold space for all who seek to find peace and serenity in a fast-evolving world.


Go along With Nature

Offerings by Lynda

By working with your natal chart, we can help you crack the code of your life. Ease your passage through necessary rites of passage, discover hidden talents and liberate your power.

I have highly developed intuitive and clairsentient abilities that enable me to meet you and guide you through the many challenges that life offers. My own life experience and skill at navigating difficult terrain means you are in safe hands.

We will work with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® vibrational essences to take your healing and integration to the next level.

Offerings by Erihapeti

I have been conducting public and private rituals since I was a teenager. Attending to sacred space that supports and celebrates rites of passage of people and nature is a privilege. I am a safe pair of hands to uplift birth, death and everything in between.

I follow in the footsteps of the ancients, who understood deeply the vibrational power of scent to alter and uplift and to heal and reassure.